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Beginnings Therapy

Audley, Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire

Carolyn Malkin

Beginnings Therapy

Fully Accredited and insured for CBT & Hypno-Psychotherapy

MBABCP & UKCP Accredited Psychotherapy in Staffordshire

Supervisor and therapist

Beginnings Therapy for Trauma 

If you are struggling and want help for Anxiety, Depression, Motivation, Low self esteem, If you have Phobias, or experienced Trauma recently or in the past let me help you.

Basic Hypnosis, begins from £25,00

CBT, EMDR and Hypno-psychotherapy for PTSD is available through Beginnings Therapy and the charge for this is £60.

One Session normally lasts for approximately although some treatments will take up to 90 minutes.

Charges begin from £50.00 

The number of sessions that you need will vary based on the initial assessment.

Nice guidelines for CBT recommend a number of sessions that have been found to be helpful.

However some people may need less than this. 

The aim of therapy is to achieve positive and lasting results in as few sessions as is possible

More complex problems may need more intensive therapy sessions. This can be discussed and agreed

at the time of your assessment and progress will be a part of your therapy throughout.

The aim is to help you move out of therapy not prolong it 

Any therapy that you undertake should be structured and agreed with your therapist before starting

if you would like to ask me anything or wold like to book an appointment contact me here